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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Help Zion Theatre Company: Kickstarter to Help Fund the 2014 Season

Zion Theatre Company has been a passion project of mine for the past few years (who am I kidding? I've been planning this since I was in early high school) and so I'm very invested in seeing it succeed. ZTC has been able to slowly build up an audience and a group of theatre artists who have made many of our shows very successful. We've received some great reviews, from critics and audience members, and our last show Farewell to Eden especially earned accolades, while another of our shows A Roof Overhead just won the Association for Mormon Letters award for Best Drama of 2012. We're doing great things and making an impact with our spiritually centered shows.

However, real life intrudes. Theatre can be an expensive thing to perpetuate, especially when attempting to do work that is not centered on a commercial component, but rather a spiritual one. Zion Theatre Company has made a lot of progress on the financial front, but there is miles to go before we sleep... or before we can make the next step as a fully fledged professional company. Thus, to help bring ZTC to the next level we are doing a Kickstarter Project to help make our 2014 season extra special. We are hoping to raise a minimum of $6000, but our stretch goal is more towards the $10,000 mark. We want to improve the quality of our productions--from the costumes and sets to our advertising ability--and to do so we are asking for your assistance. Everyone who contributes $10 or more can get one of our several great prizes (theatre tickets, digital downloads of shows, playbooks, etc.), but if you can only donate a few dollars, every but helps!

To help out Zion Theatre Company, go to this site, watch the video and choose a donation amount that will (if we make our goal) qualify you for a prize:

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