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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Different Set of Rules Comic Strip: Late March

So Anne is a little more pragmatic in her approach than I am...

My friend Adam Slee teaches at an arts high school where they are planning on doing one of my plays. His kids are very smart and definitely love being involved in the creative process:

So my son and I get a little intense in our playtime...

Thank goodness for streaming:

I did a whole Doctor Who series this time...

More Comic Strips When You Press the Read More Link:

Blogger Nathaniel Givens and I have discovered that we're kindred spirits. Check out his site at

If I really did meet Doctor Who, I would introduce him to a few of his fans...

The 10th anniversary of my national award winning play Farewell to Eden is coming in late April at the Echo Theatre in Provo, with the wonderful Ronnie Stringfellow directing:

So my sister has a celebrity crush on David Tennant's Doctor... this was my gift to her:

My post "False Construction Upon a True Church" was surprisingly popular and got a lot of shares, views, etc. (now approaching 2000 views in about a week, which was good for my personal blog) .
I was very happy... my wife still looks forward to when my projects lead to other important goals:

More Doctor Who humor...

My kids really get along with those one of my best friends Aaron: 

And then, to end this grouping, a little Mormon History/culture humor:

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