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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reset Button

I've had two other experiences with blogging. I contribute to the Mormon arts and literature blog A Motley Vision with several other people, and I also had a blog called Proving Contraries which addressed Mormon spirituality, history, and culture from a believer's perspective. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get back onto my Proving Contraries account for the life of me (did I forget the right password and username?). So rather than being continually frustrated in trying to find my other blog, I decided to create this blog with a wider scope than either of my blogging efforts so far.

And My Soul Hungered is meant to have a more personal touch. I'll still deal with Mormon issues quite often, in both a personal and an academic sense, but I'll also discuss aspects of my own personal life and a wider outlook on life and the arts. I want to be able discuss everything from Shakespeare to teaching high school to Anton Chekov to my latest play I'm writing to Mormon history to really cool or heartbreaking experiences that I'm having. I want to express the full gamut.

So here we are.

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